What will we learn? Using 'The Courts of Heaven: An Introduction' as the textbook!
This book has now been Revised & Expanded. It is entitled ``Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven`` and available at www.courtsofheavenbook.com.

  • What are the Courts of Heaven?
  • What are the 3 paradigms of prayer?
  • How do I get my prayers answered quickly?
  • What is the ultimate purpose of an accusation?
  • How do I get accusations dismantled?
  • What keeps prayers from being answered?
  • Why are my words so important?

What is this about? Embracing an Additional Paradigm of Prayer

In Luke 18 Jesus subtly introduces a third paradigm of prayer. The courtroom paradigm has gone overlooked throughout church history. Only in the last few years has this truth been uncovered with amazing results. Prayers that have long gone unanswered are being answered in a matter of days or even hours. Situations from which no hope seemed available are turning around.

This truth is for every believer, but it will also help thrust efforts of intercession into new levels of breakthrough. Once every legal obstacle hindering the answer to your prayers is removed, the answers will come. As we learn to engage the Courts of Heaven, lives will change. You will experience answered prayer on a level you may have not thought possible.


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What Our Readers & Partipants Are Saying Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our participants will!

A Thankful Grandmother

Following one of your seminars, in our session, we took my grandson who was experiencing a great deal of anger. He would explode in anger and throw things. His parents did not know what to do. After dealing with the accusations against him, the anger ceased. He is now the top of his class in school.

Tracy Murillo

Tracy Murillo

We took my son to the Mercy Court. He had gotten involved with the wrong crowd and was involved in drugs. Part of our petition was that God would separate him from the bad influences. In a very short period of time, one of his drug friends had died tragically, two others were put in prison, and the third had to flee the area because of troubles with other drug dealers. My son showed up at the church one Sunday morning and walked to the front, surrendering his life to God. He is now involved in the church, writing songs, and growing in God. Hallelujah!

Jenny Furr

My job and my resell business has been lacking for quite some time. I’ve been wanting to practice the courts, so I did a court session on my way to work this past week-my only quiet time is driving to and from work, so I did it while I was driving. Within 24 hours, the owner of the business that I manage told me he was going to give me a bonus this upcoming paycheck, and he would set me up to start receiving a monthly business each month. He also said we will discuss a raise (I have a total of over 11 years in with this business at the same pay rate, so this is a big deal!)

I also have an Ebay store and an antique booth in Albemarle, neither of which have been doing too well lately. After this court session, I had 4 things sell in one day on Ebay and also at my booth, and things have been finally selling again all week. The courts really work, and I cant wait to learn more!

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Ron Horner Book Author and Webinar Host

Dr. Ron Horner is an apostolic teacher specializing in Overturning Verdicts from the Courts of Hell, Local Church Government, Freedom from Captivity, and the subject of this book – the Court System of Heaven. He and his wife Adina have been married for thirty-five years and have three daughters (two of whom are married), and one grandson. He resides in central North Carolina with his wife and youngest daughter Darian.

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